Have I shown you all my new yarn yet? I haven’t bought any for a few weeks, but I am going to the Knitting and Stitching Show on Sunday, so I suspect there may be more….

Lets explore the stash:
Sarah gave me a smidgen of roving.

dyed roving.JPG

And a whole lot more in a swap the other day.

super-bright roving.JPG

I have actually spun the other stuff I bought.

In the realms of ready-spun I fell in love with these from the Mulberry Dyer.

dyed linen thread.JPG


Naturally-dyed linen (first) and silk. Just stunning. Expensive but so worth it for the skill involved in making these yarns.
Lets have a closer look at them shall we?


dyed linen.JPG

Debbie had a sample of the linen yarn crocheted into a fine lacy scarf, but I’m not a crocheter. I’m thinking about knitting something very, very tiny with it. Unless of course I stitch with it. Hard to decide. Likewise the silk, which would be stunning to hand quilt with, on plain cream linen. Or maybe it will be the final push to get me towards some hand embroidery. Or maybe I will just look at it, lovingly.

I also bought these plain-dyed wools.

natural wools.JPG

Partly for show and tell with my textile history class to prove that natural dyes used in the middle ages were amazingly strong and bright, and quite possibly for me to do some medieval embroidery with.

natural purple sock yarn.JPG

Absolute sheer indulgence. Natural dyed sock yarn. SOOO pretty. Now I just need to learn to knit socks…

And there’s more:

mulberry dyer pink and purple.JPG

DK Wensleydale yarn dyed with logwood (purple) and cochineal (pink). Yes, cochineal beetles. I know… but its historic and I love it. For a Christmas present, but hopefully there will be enough left for me too!

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