Splat and run

I got back last night from my friends’ wedding in Scotland and have rather hit the ground running.
Its just 3 weeks until Origin (!) and I’ve spent today teaching the first class my latest textile and fashion history course and preparing the second.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed spending the day engrossed in medieval textiles, a massive improvement on yesterday which involved getting up just a few hours after going to bed and spending 13 hours on the move (mainly by bus) to get home. I established on the way up that I can’t sew on the bus (but can knit) and established on the way back that lack of sleep and a tad too much wine the night before (it doesn’t take much) was not conducive to knitting. But luckily, before I set off, I did discover Stephen Fry’s podgrams which are perfect knitting/bus companions.

However, tomorrow will see me back at the stitching grindstone as I try to resurrect a large piece I started putting together last week and then realised didn’t work, after about 5 or 6 hours work on it. Its the centrepiece for my display at Origin, so I really have to sort it out. Quickly.

In other news, I’m talking to my publishers (Kyle Cathie) about another book to write next year, and I’ve also just heard that Sew It Up will be published in the US eventually with a co-publisher who are looking at printing 10,000 copies! Very exciting!
I’ll post another preview from the book sometime this week. The copies are now in the warehouse, so get your advance orders in now and you should get a copy in a couple of weeks.

And a new website is in the offing. I need to find time to finalise that too, so I think blogging will be coming low down the mountainous heap in the last, hysterical few weeks before Origin, so bear with me and I’ll try and be as posty as I can. I’ve got a few up my sleeve, so I don’t intend to vanish entirely. But don’t hold your breath.

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