Spinster tales

I had a blissfully computer-free weekend.

Some, alas not all, was spent like this:


hairy handspun.JPG

Spun by hand on a drop spindle. These two wools.

I may soon forsake my spindle as the marvellous BabyLongLegs got my spinning wheel working. It came out of a skip a very long time ago and has sat in my mum’s loft for about 10 years. But there was nothing wrong with it and she had it going in minutes. And then she didn’t want to give it back. See, she’s there on the left pretending to turn the wheel, but actually she’s trying to make a grab for it, I think.

at the wheel.JPG

I’ve had it sitting around for so many years, I had stopped noticing it and it wasn’t until all the other knitters and spinners exclaimed over its loveliness that I realised that it is indeed a fine wheel and very handsome. She needs a name. I’m thinking Eliza.
After bringing it home, I have hidden it again. I’m not allowed to play until I’ve got this small matter of a major international exhibition done.

Luckily, I have also made progress on work for that, namely working through the ARGH I HATE WHAT I’VE SPENT HOURS AND HOURS MAKING situation.

green hanging.JPG

I also got a batch of new sew-in labels. I always have a dilemma about these not-very-custom-made labels (exercise caution…. hideous website design in that link). I had a quote once, on some proper custom woven with my logo and the proper font, but every time I need them, I convince myself I wont need any more so there is no need to order hundreds of designed custom ones for vast amounts of money. If I’d done that 3 years ago then it might have been worth it. Hindsight is a wonderful business advisor.


But I am delighted with these thoroughly retro red and whites ones, which will do me just fine until I change my mind again. Much better than the last boring lot.

patterns - 3.jpg

I also got a pile of patterns in the local charity shop. This one is my favourite, illustration-wise, though its hardly something I’ll make. I’ll add it to the pile of ones to check and sell, one of these days (its a big old heap of patterns).

I did however, restrain myself from going to the car boot sale and went for a 7 mile walk instead. And then completely undid by eating cake at the spinning and knitting session….

amost finished sock.JPG

2 thoughts on “Spinster tales

  1. It looks like I am plotting secret plans and clever tricks…..heheSo glad I could help you get Eliza on the go once more :)Hugs, and good luck with the exhibition!!S xXx

  2. My spinning teacher told me that every wheel needed a name and Eliza is a good one. Eliza is a castle wheel and by the look of the photo is a double drive wheel. I bet she spins like a dream. Who was the crazy person who threw her out in a skip? Do you have 4 bobbins: two for spinning singles and two to ply onto?My wheels are Leggs and Vinnie.

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