apron exhibition

I received the following information the other day, asking for submissions for an apron exhibition – and asking me to promote it around the web. I think I’ll send in a few images of some of my more conceptual aprons and see how they go down. Anyone know this museum at all?

We are looking for artist interpretations of aprons..conceptual..altered..or actual..in as diverse representations of medium as possible. The gallery is about 3,000 square foot with pedestals as well as ample wall space. Sketches and ideas will be considered based on artist’s past work etc., other work should be no more than 3 years old and artists may send jpegs to vandyket@gmail.com.

purple panel apron.JPG

The exhibition is May 2-June 12 (2009) at the Suffolk Museum in Suffolk, VA. There are no fees but also no honorariums or stipends for the artists. There is insurance once work is on site but not in transit except at the artist’s expense. The Museum provides good press, postcard mailings and a nice reception. Please feel free to share any of this information.

I’m looking forward to wearing this apron (over a skirt) at Origin. Its the only time of the year I get chance to wear such an eccentric garment!

Let me know what you think

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