Photoshoot location

I was pleased to find that the location used to shoot some of the finished projects in the book was recently featured on a couple of design blogs. The picture of the red skirt on the previous post was shot there, as was this stunning picture (another project preview for you!).

Photo by Jan Baldwin

preparing for photography.JPG
Photo by me

Photo of a detail in the house, by me

The photography locations were all organised by my editor, Kate Haxell. She did an amazing job, as did the photographer Jan Baldwin. I went on one of the shoots in that lovely grey-white house and it was fascinating to see how people really live in a house like that. Though it is used for photoshoots a lot, and I think the owner is a stylist, not surprisingly. Its also just around the corner from where I used to live! Jan’s photography is stunning, do have a look at her website.

The more colourful backdrop rooms you will see in the book are Kate’s own house, which is equally amazing but totally different.

There’s a lot of stunning photography in this book, I’m delighted with how well its been produced.

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