Ready to go!

I’m all packed up and ready to go.

hoops in box.JPG

Several weeks of stress, preparing, sewing, website-ing, press-releasing, mailing, packing, planning, more sewing and a lot more stress and here we are ready to go. I had hoped that I would be ready in time to have a day off today, and go walking in the sunshine. It didn’t work entirely to plan, but I am at last ready, and its not midnight yet.

green hanging.JPG
2.5m long hanging with centre motif. Just resting on the stairs, so it doesn’t get too creased.

One of the spanners in the works has been a request from a national newspaper for a piece to photograph. This week. During the show. The one I used on my postcard. Which I had to have on exhibition. So I made another. Finished a couple of hours ago.

polonaise detail.JPG

And I’m taking my new socks.

stripy socks.JPG

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