I’ve been weaving!

LinkI’ve just completed a small (teeny) commission for Warrington Museum’s new exhibition on ancient Peru. They needed a small piece of woven alpaca, some alpaca fleece and a bit of handspun yarn.
Stupidly I started off thinking I didn’t need to set up a proper loom and gave myself a real headache. So I got my old loom off the dusty shelf in my studio and threaded it up. Success.

I am childishly pleased with myself for doing this. I’ve never actually used this loom before, even though I’ve had it years and years. It came from the same skip as Eliza the spinning wheel (who is alas, still bobbin-less). For such a small piece of weaving (about 15cm / 6″ square) I didn’t need to thread it properly, so the challenge of working out exactly how to do that still awaits. I really, really want to weave some more now. The loom is probably just wide enough to weave a scarf, so that’s my plan. Once I’ve spun the yarn myself, naturally. Ho ho.

One thought on “I’ve been weaving!

  1. LOVE weaving. The rhythms of the foot pedal, the shuttle, the warps slotting up and down. The weaving studio at Leeds University has now tragically been broken up but it still makes me smile in my memory. Congratulations xx

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