The stuff

The Open Studio I’ve just had turned out to be more than I bargained for when my cunning tidying up by putting everything on the top shelf plan went very pear-shaped. A major shelf-malfunction occurred and a small mountain of fabric avalanched across the studio, late Thursday evening. I was feeling pretty rough anyway, and had spent the morning in bed, so rearranging the studio wasn’t top of my list. Feeling rough had lead me to believe that the top shelf was strong enough for half a tonne of fabric. I didn’t put it up, MY shelves are super sturdy.


So there was some rapid moving of stuff around; music system into pieces, into car and home, neat folding and tidy piling of fabric and major stuffing of crap into store room along with box after box of random bits that were lying around, which I am going to have trouble finding again. Hmm. There’s nothing like a fabric avalanche to really bring home to you that you maybe have TOO MUCH FABRIC.

Fabric buying

I know that’s heresy and I’m in good, safe, fabric-loving territory here, but still. There comes a point when its just too much. So there will be a clear out in the new year. A BIG clear out. There will be a big old ebay selling frenzy, of which I will give plenty of notice on the blog – fabric, craft supplies, display stuff, packaging…. all sorts of things.

fabric stash

Plus I’m hoping to lure a studio-mate into the small room within my studio (also known as the dumping ground for assorted junk) so I have to keep that clear and make enough space in the storeroom for my crap AND make space for her stuff. Hmm. There are no photos of the chaos. Documenting it all makes me feel slightly queasy.

And as for the music system now at home – currently in the middle of the floor as the space in the built-in shelves designed for such things is full of yarn. And shoes. Oh.

yummy yarn.JPG

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