Its a bit late for me to tell you now about a show which happened last week, but there you go. wasn’t selected to show there myself, and had sulked a little, but when it came to Friday, I was feeling a bit grotty and was really glad I wasn’t exhibiting. I got to feel all fairy-godmother-y by taking tea, biscuits and chocolate to several of my friends who were exhibiting and helping them with setting up.
I arranged shoes for Jen (and ordered a pair for myself, at last),

polished display panels for John (and bought more of his earrings – 3 pairs now…)

and unpacked magical and mysterious stuff for Louise.

It was very helpful of the organisers to arrange my friends in pairs, next to each other, to make for easy socialising during the private view. On my rounds of chatting to other friends were also Massey and Rogers (though I’m still not sure which of them is which…), Teresa Green, Katrin Moye and Jane Moore. There were lots of other fabulous makers, but I didn’t get chance to take in all that much, what with all the socialising to do!

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