A country house weekend

Apologies for my absence the last few days. I have been holed up in my country residence. Just a little place, with space for a few guests….

Of course I’m joking. Actually I simply spent an hour or two here on Saturday, picking at a dreary buffet (which really wasn’t in keeping with the surroundings) and giving a considerably more enjoyable talk on medieval textiles to a select group of conference guests. Combine that with a walk in the woods enjoying the yellowing sycamore and orange-ing oak leaves (of which no pictures, bad blogger) and evenings in and out with friends made up my weekend. I shall draw a veil over Sunday which was spent in front of the computer while the sun shone outside and made for a very grumpy Ruth indeed.
This week, indeed the rest of this year shows little sign of let up from the constant deadlines, but I have allowed a little knitting into my life, in the form of sockery for Christmas present and sockery for me.


I am officially in love with this yarn.

I also have the penguins ready and waiting for the godson’s Christmas present.

penguins at the ready.

I love them too. Purse from the leftovers, I think.

Otherwise its a bit of a rollercoaster of teaching – training – applying for more teaching – admin – writing instructions – posting books – doing accounts… none of which is at all visual or in the least entertaining for my esteemed readers. For which I apologies and I will try and come up with something more exciting for you soon.

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