Less haste, more knitting

Norah Gaughan Wedge scarf

Yesterday, in my haste to tell you that I had nothing to show you, I failed to remember to show you something which I do have to show you….

Norah Gaughan Wedge scarf

This scarf, now received by it’s new owner.

Norah Gaughan Wedge scarf

The pattern is by Norah Gaughan and was found among the endless delights of Ravelry. I have become totally besotted with her knitwear designs. Her talent for structure and shaping leaves me in awe. Fabric I understand, knitting I really don’t. I really admire her ability to create such innovative form and structure from just balls of wool. I’m all about sculptural stuff, as you have probably noticed!

The Wedge scarf was my first foray into knitting her designs and its a free pattern. I didn’t wait long before diving in and ordering one of her pattern books, which I had to buy from Canada – for some reason no-one seems to be selling them here! Madness. I got mine from Elann, a couple of months ago when the (US) exchange rate was still in our favour.

I haven’t had time to even think about making anything from the book yet, but my friend Sarah has already borrowed it and made two scarves, which is making me incredibly jealous!
But I have plans…. I’m going on holiday just after Christmas and am planning to take a whole case of yarn with me and knit on my all-day train journeys! And probably quite a lot in between.

On a less-ambitious scale, I made myself a very quick hot water bottle cosy, which works a treat and keeps my toes toasty all night.

hot water bottle

3 thoughts on “Less haste, more knitting

  1. Oh lovely. Have passed on your link to my knitty friend to ‘hint’ for Christmas! Looking forward to seeing your other projects from SIU. Love the book and MUST start projects for Crimbo soon… See you in a few weeks. xx

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