Spring colours

I spent a very pleasant Friday evening at the Banks’ Mill open studios private view. As usual, I forgot to take any pictures. I also forgot to take any pictures at the opening of the Midlands Textile Forum exhibition on Thursday. This is not the way to make for a visual blog. I do apologise! I blame yesterday’s lapse on the massive dentistry I’d had in the morning. I blame Thursday’s lapse on the wine.

What I did get though was several packages of fabric scraps from my favourite print designers Massey and Rogers!

massey and rogers fabrics - 1.jpg

massey and rogers fabrics - 5.jpg

Before you ask, they don’t sell it by the metre – yet. Hopefully one day. But you can buy all sorts of lovely products from them in their Etsy shop. I hope they’ll have the fabric squares back on sale soon!

I thought I was buying just one set as a birthday present but soon found that I was buying 4 sets, with the aim of keeping 3 of them. As usual, I have lots of plans and no time to execute them. Though they are such lovely spring colours that I might as well stash them away for when there are longer days next year.

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