Metal magic

Last Saturday I ventured out into the fog, early in the morning, to get to a workshop I booked many months ago, knowing I would need a break come the end of November.

The workshop was at Catmose Gallery and was run by Lindsey Mann, who makes wonderful jewellery from anodised aluminium. I have an ongoing love affair with anodised aluminium jewellery at the moment and have bought as much as I can afford from my lovely friend John Moore this year.

pink and grey earrings
These are my first earrings from John. Two more here and here.

Time to make some myself!

trees brooch

Simple domed brooch with turquoise tree design (using one of Lindsey’s rubber stamps) and dyed pink. Although it looks red in this pic.

bangle button

Bangle. I started off trying to do really complicated designs, layering lots of ink on the metal. I quite like this one, in the end, but my favourite pieces are mostly ones I kept really simple.

bangle detail

I’m going to do more with the thread / button feature on here. Maybe ribbon instead of the thread. I took loads of buttons and bits with me, but of course didn’t have exactly what I wanted. I need to spend some quality time with the bits I made to put them together just how I want them.

pink and yellow earrings

pink spoon.JPG.jpg

I have a tendency to try and get all complicated when I really should keep it simple. I just wanted to try everything! All on the same piece of metal. Not the best plan.


pink squares in progress.JPG.jpg

I made some really simple pieces towards the end of the workshop – desperate hurry to get as much made as possible. I did go slightly over the top and tried to do too much, so I ended up with lots of half-made bits and a few rushed finished bits.

pink spoon dotty back.jpg

Some people made just one lovely, complicated piece. I made lots of bits. But that’s what I’m like and I don’t feel bad about it. I do feel a bit bad that I didn’t even think about making Christmas presents and just made stuff for me. In theory I have the tools to finish off the pieces I started. In practice I need to get on with stuff which really is for Christmas presents. Oh and work, that thing.

Below: unused pieces of aluminium to make things with later.

pink spots.jpg

green and yellow.jpg

3 thoughts on “Metal magic

  1. Gorgeous!! I want to play. Can you lead one of these please?!?! Must hear where on the complex – surprisingly straightforward scale this project sat. Love the effects that you created!!xxx

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