Woah! Really busy. Just checking in to show off my new boots.

puss and boots.JPG.jpg
Bought specially to match the cat.

new boots
A different angle.

ebony in sunshine.JPG.jpg
And Ebbie from a different angle.

Tomorrow’s exciting blog installment will be the other cat posing with my new walking boots. I know, the tension is too much. Hang in there, there will be something more fabric-oriented by the end of the week. I’ve just started working on this.

Really only just. I made a bodice toile. That’s it. Its not pretty. But it fits, so the wool will be cut soon. Black wool. Nothing fancy. And sewn up very soon because its blooming cold!

frosty leaves

2 thoughts on “Boots

  1. I can understand your desire to show off your new boots. The beauty of new boots should ALWAYS be shared with everyone you can possibly reach. And lets face it, they are rather gorgeous. (as is the cat!)

  2. Ditto Crafty. Utterly love the boots. Are you doing View C – gorgeous though the big collars are, I’m always up for the snuggle factor of the high collar and scarf approach. Something about a cold neck just gets me completely shivering!PS Feel better soon, bumpy. Poor thing xx

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