You thought I was joking…

But I wasn’t.
Another picture of cat and boots.

puss and other boots.jpg

I’m sorry, I’m really busy. He’s a cutie though, eh?

I’m just finished off some commissioned panels for Helen, using her left over wedding dress fabric. Its been interesting! More on that when they are finished and safely delivered.

work inprogress.jpg

Also getting ready for the pom pom fest on Saturday.

Its cold and frosty here and the garden is looking lovely.

ice crystals.jpg

frosty seedhead.jpg

I’m not so keen on the ice though – fell off my bike this morning and skidded down the road! Somewhat bruised but nothing major. Still, a good excuse to feel a bit sorry for myself, get a lift to knit club and medicate with mulled wine. And still achieved good sock knitting progress.

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