A commission

Now that these pieces are safely delivered I can share them with you.

The panels are a set of 3, each 30x30cm made from the Thai silk and organza left over from Helen‘s wedding dress, commissioned as a wedding momento (for her husband!).

Mantua Frill



It was fun making these – I always enjoy commissions. The Thai silk was wonderfully crisp and easy to work with and held a crease beautifully. The Suffolk Puffs on the Betty panel worked really well, and the frill has also held its shape nicely. But cream fabric makes me nervous. Its so hard to keep everything clean! Unfortunately the fabric wasn’t anything like organic – it had a strong chemical smell when I ironed it. (Sorry Helen…) But it was a useful reminder of why I like organic fabrics!

I’m pleased with the finished results and am looking forward to a photo of them in situ. I hope they stay with you through many, many happy years of marriage, Helen.

One thought on “A commission

  1. As long as everyone knows I didn’t smell of chemicals as I walked down the aisle it’s all good. Will report back with how the hubbie likes his ‘present’! Merry Christmas!… and thank you!xx

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