Starting as I mean to go on

After a busy and sometimes stressful year, I finally was able to visit my lovely friend Jenny in Switzerland this Christmas. What a treat! Jenny and I met in India in 2002, and she came to see me in London 4 years ago, but we’ve not seen each other since. Seeing a new country is always exciting, seeing it with a dear friend who knows it so well is a special treat indeed.

The guidebooks say that its hard to get past the touristy-ness of Switzerland and see what its really like. I however, had an expert guide to show me not only the prettiest and most famous bits, but also the real bits, the ordinary and fascinating bits which a tourist would never see.


I will be grateful for my whole life that they took me to the mountains in the depths of winter. It was the most magical and wonderful way to spend New Year’s eve and New Year’s day.

cavaglia - 08.jpg

snowy trees - 6.jpg


Snow-shoe walking is not something I ever expected to be doing on New Year’s day. What a way to start the year! Last year I spent New Year’s Day in bed with flu.

zurich - 16.jpg

I will gradually be posting more about the inspiring sights and experiences of the holiday, but in the meantime, there are lots more pictures here, as well as some of Paris, where I stopped off on the way there and back. Many wonderful tales to tell.

Its going to be an exciting year; things are changing a lot in my working life just now, so the blog may well undergo a little transformation, as my life undergoes quite a big transformation. Rest assured, though, things wont change that much. I will still flit by and tell you that I’m really busy, and there will always be plenty of textiles, there will be cats and there will photos of the sunset from my bedroom window. These things are a constant in my life. I hope you will continue to stop by and share them with me. Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Starting as I mean to go on

  1. Your photos are beautiful, what an amazing place, you were lucky indeed to have a personal guide, it means so much more when someone familiar with a country shows you it, you feel like you have been let in all the secrets that are hidden from “the tourists”.

  2. Good luck with the upcoming excitments and WOWSERS. Your NYE certainly trumped mine. This would not, however, have been difficult: we were in bed by 11.30pm due to hubbie at work early the next morning. Very rock n roll.x

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