I was blessed with a nothing-to-do day in London, a couple of weeks ago, thanks to some teaching being canceled and having already booked a train. So I went for a day out and indulged in some of my favourite things.
Number 1

Vintage handbags.

A small, fairly restrained obsession.

Vintage Handbag

This one is vast, very tatty and therefore was very cheap. Its the pleats that got me. And the barrel clasp. And the suede lining. And the chrome corners. Its a gem. A worn-out, well-loved, battered old bag of a gem. Its big enough to hold knitting too. I don’t have any big handbags. Therefore I needed it.

But first a refurb is required. Nourish and polish the leather. Glue the clasp back together, sew up a tear in the suede lining, replace the handles. They are the worst part, totally disintegrating. But I have a plan.

Vintage Handbag

This little lovely is in much better nick.
She just needs a steam, scrub and polish and will be perfect. She’s navy blue grosgrain. Again the fittings were what got me. Clear plastic handle. Metal frame with bobbles on the corners.
I don’t wear navy blue. Ever. So she wont go with anything, but she had to be mine.

Vintage Handbag

I was looking for a red one.
The search continues.
I’ll keep you posted.

Apologies to regular readers for having vanished this month. I shall make it up to you with further installments of my favourite things to do on a day out.

One thought on “Handbags

  1. Where oh where is this handbag mecca of which you are such a winner?! Why oh why did I not join you on that blessed day? Oh cruel cruel world. Oh beauteous bags…

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