Autumnal knitting

Cabled mitts

Finished and wearing!

On the needles:
Jaywalker noro sock

In the stash:
Noro sock yarn

Ok. Not autumnal colours at all in that last one. But it is number 3 in my list of fine things to do with a day in London. Go to Loop! Its a fabulous place. This one ball of sock yarn is ALL I BOUGHT. I know. Hard to believe. My only yarn purchase of the whole year.

3 thoughts on “Autumnal knitting

  1. Hi Ruth,I just love the gloves. Must admit my 2009 has started with a couple of nice projects! With two new specially designed pieces. Wow, as to leaving Loop with only one ball… you were good, very restraint; I think my CC would have taken a hammering! I don’t know if you have seen the new knitting magazine? – The Knitter. I was lucky enough to spy it in Asda, although it’s not cheap at £5.99 it does give some brill info. patterns and techniques, I personally feel it’s worth the money and has got to the best knitting mag on the UK market. I did check out their website, (sadly, no current info) but found this link on The Guardian website. Happy Knitting for 2009!

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