Clothing for superheros

penguin jacket

A jacket for my penguin-loving godson. Or perhaps slightly more for his fabric-loving mum.

Penguin jacket detail

We both fell in love with this fabric at the Festival of Quilts. Its taken months to make it. It wasn’t exactly hard. Then it took ages to find the right button. It was in my button stash all along, I just thought I was looking for something orange. Stripes are definitely it.

I hope he likes it – he will look soooo utterly cute in it. He looks cute in pretty much anything, darling child.

Now this is done (many, many months behind schedule) I have started something for myself. Its taken years to finally succumb to the Roland Mouret Galaxy dress knock-off pattern produced by Vogue. (Here‘s Erica‘s version of it).

My reluctance has only been because I thought it wouldn’t remotely suit me. Then, in a slightly desperate attempt to find something new for my birthday party, I tried on a lot of dresses. I fell in love with a simple shift dress in bright green wool. It wasn’t practical and it also was slightly too big, but it put and idea in my head and I immediately headed off for the pattern department and spent my Christmas vouchers on the pattern. And then realised that my favourite vintage dress (one of my Grandma’s) fits in all the same places as this dress and looks fabulous. Decision made.

Toile done. Black silk dupion (old, old stash fabric) in the wash in preparation. Though I’m also thinking of a russet linen version and an aubergine needlecord version (also both long-term stash fabrics). Many, many versions, all probably theoretical, but never mind. I enjoy the planning almost as much as the actual making & wearing.

4 thoughts on “Clothing for superheros

  1. Sounds gorgeous. Can’t wait to see the slinky-slink number! I’ve got a dress in just that style that I feel I must murder or commit adultery in – it’s my only LBD and it’s great! One question though – silk dupion in the wash? I love it crisp non? xx

  2. yes – it is going to be that kind of dress, I think!I hate dry cleaning (so un-eco!) so I tend to wash silk so the dress is then washable. Its a shame to lose the crisp hand but its so much easier to wear / wash.

  3. Penguin loving godson not as keen as he should be, but his little sister thinks it is fab and loves wearing it. Not surprisingly their mum thinks it is amazing. If only I were 3 and could wear it!

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