Pin Money

giant berry pins

You will probably not be surprised to hear I have a love of vintage sewing stuff.

I’ve been after some glass-headed pins for quite some time, but they are pretty pricey on ebay. I was deeeelighted to find some in a job lot of cheap nasty ribbon and random sewing bits where the seller clearly didn’t expect to make any money from some old pins (and why would you?).
And they make me very happy in their shiny-balloon-boiled sweet way.

shiny pin heads

Pins are among the most common metal archaeological finds in medieval digs. Pins were handmade from brass and could have coiled brass heads, glass heads like these or even gemstones. I’ve got a pair of reproduction pins made from silver with garnet heads.
Pins were used to hold together clothing and headdresses, as well as for sewing. The wealthier you were, the fancier your pins could be – according to how much pin money you earn.
These are pin money well-spent, I think.

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