It was all going so well….

Its taken months to get my spinning wheel up and running, since Sarah got it going last year. She even gave me some fibre to get started with!

Here it is:
handspun on the wheel

I splurged some birthday money on masses more fibre from Sarah to spin.

fibre - 1.jpg

fibre - 4.jpg

I got this one to ply with the yarn already on the wheel.
Except the wheel is having a funny turn. After a dozen years in the loft and a slow start, she’s been overwhelmed by the sudden flurry of spinning action and decided she needs a break. Or maybe a new drive band. Ho hum.

fibre - 3.jpg

So these pretty delights will have to wait.

fibre - 2.jpg

The next couple of weeks are incredibly busy so its going to be a while before I get chance to try and get her going again. But there will be a whole lot more spinning, just as soon as I can!

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