Just before Christmas, I got a surprise extra present – a whole huge box of dress patterns! I guess they came from a car boot sale, picked up by my dad and his wife, having heard my plea of “patterns! any patterns! (not 1980s ones though)”.

patterns - 01.jpg

These are mostly 60s, with a few 50s gems and a smattering of 70s. The majority of them are free patterns from magazines, mostly for boring dresses and skirts but there are a few treasures in there.

patterns - 27.jpg

I love this one, although I don’t actually suit 50s dresses. Its just so nice! I could use the bodice on something else though….

patterns - 05.jpg

This one is pretty special too. I want to make it in the exactly same green. I can just about get away with this shape. It would look amazing in the pea-green cotton velvet I bought last year, except that’s destined to be a jacket. And I have already got a green velvet dress not dissimilar to this one (a vintage one of my grandma’s). But there’s nothing wrong with having 2 green velvet 60s evening dresses, is there?

patterns - 17.jpg

I don’t think this one would suit me, but its so fabulous!

patterns - 18.jpg

And another one I couldn’t wear. I could of course, use the bodice and graft it onto a straight skirt, and let out the waist and generally re-make it from scratch to make it suit me. But realistically I probably wont get round to it. I love the illustrations – its like they’ve made up for the black and white by making the dresses as patterned as possible! Its like some kind of sofa-fabric-dress convention!
Though wouldn’t it look fabulous in the Liberty Kinnear fabric I’ve used as a background? Stunning!

patterns - 15.jpg

I was about to put this one in the ‘get rid’ pile when I realised the jacket is virtually identical to my favourite vintage one (which is so much nicer than that photo). So that’s a keeper now. Maybe in needlecord? I still have plenty of aubergine cord…

patterns - 32.jpg

I like this dress a lot, but would look like a sack of spuds wearing it. The colours are fantastic.

patterns - 02.jpg

This 1971 number is so amazingly-not-me but I like the illustration a lot. They look like they are dancing to some groovy number.

And last, but not least, this one just made me laugh. Click through for a larger version, it is funny. A skirt just for watching TV. Oh yes, my life in a nutshell!

patterns - 24.jpg

I’ll probably stick the remainder of the patterns up on ebay in a job lot – although if you like the sound of them (?) then drop me a line and I’ll send some photos and we can do a deal. They need good homes….

3 thoughts on “Patterns

  1. Oh my goodness. They all seem to be 36″ which is probably just as well, but do let me know if you have any corking 38″ 50s ones in there. Love the big skirts and have plenty of yardages lined up with just that in mind. So very jealous of the hoard. Enjoy!!xx

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