Playing with colour

bright pebbles.JPG

I’ve done a few of these pebble pieces but as yet not got a complete chair seat (although there is one with the upholsterer still) so have been plotting a new cover for the chair I finished last year. I am loving making bespoke fabrics for old furniture. I wanted to do another pebble piece, even though it takes weeks to sew each one on by hand. I’ve been pondering these colours for ages, but I think it’s ready to go now. 

I keep eyeing up old chairs in skips and junk shops… it’s only a matter of time before I start filling everywhere up with upholstered chairs!

Talking of upholstery and chairs, these are two upholsterers whose work I adore.
Helen Amy Murray. She works mainly in leather to produce stunning tactile effects. I first saw her work years and years ago at New Designers and it’s been great to watch how well she’s done. A great inspiration.
Aiveen Daly‘s work was introduced to me by my friend Lisa. Again I love the textures she produces and of course the wit and sexiness of her designs. Her work makes me want to design upholstery all the time. Headboards! sofas! Fabric-covered rooms!

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