Where exactly did May go?

OK, a month has gone by. A little more than that even. I think I might have to admit defeat and put the blog into hibernation for a couple of months until my big project is up and running and I have time to breath again – let alone sew!
But for now here are a few of the things I’ve been busy with.

Exhibition preparation – including fetching and moving 50 or so mannequins. I bought a handy spare hand home with me in the hope it would do some of the work.

New favourite instant dinner:
1 packet of miso soup plus a bowlful of stock
lots of chopped cabbage / spring greens/chinese greens
wholemeal noodles
Plus if I have:
marinated tofu 
omelette or scrambled eggs
Visiting this exhibition
Planning to go back to see the whole of 78 Derngate – it has been on my list for ages!

buying a few bits and pieces of clothes. Despite the crumpled-ness I love the combination of these colours. Although I’ve given to orange top to my mum to try – perhaps if she doesn’t want it I can have it back, please?
back soon, i promise!

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