Back and now in full colour

Ok, so I’m not really back for full-time blogging, it’s still a few weeks until I get my life back. But I am snatching time off to do nice stuff with nice people. Last weekend was a day at Big Session Festival (my local) with Miss R. Amazingly the sun shone and the pints of perry flowed and it was an excellent day.  Oh and the bands were good too.* I just wish I’d taken my knitting. 

big session

R plus perry



novels by colour.JPG


We liked Eliza Carthy (she’s bloody marvellous), Otis Gibbs (Rach liked him very much), Babel (alas not wearing the ponco as in the press photo, shame) & The Shee.\

PS. Rumour has it I’ve done a little sewing. Will try and get my photographer to get a snap at the weekend.

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