Ceramics and chickens

photo from Katrin Moye

A few weeks ago (actually the same weekend as the open houses) I went to an open studio in Nottingham (on the way back from elsewhere; rushing as always). Turns out it was part of a much bigger open studio weekend which I must explore more next year.

I met Katrin Moye at Origin a few years ago so went along to be supportive, to get a birthday gift and also to make myself jealous of her pretty studio. I had birthday present success – and then had to buy just a few other things to keep it company, including a cup for me and two cups destined to be more gifts later in the year. And some earrings just because they were lovely and earrings don’t take up any space, do they?  Have only got as far as photographing the earrings, not the ceramics. Earrings by Helen Shere.

Katrin has also designed a bag for Clothkits. I do SO love the new Clothkits. I wish I had time to make them all. I admired an original Clothkits dress in the local vintage shop the other day. The shape wouldn’t have worked on me and would need so much re-shaping I decided not to add it to my pile (heap) of ‘lovely clothes that need some work’. Though it’s tempting to go back for it…. hmmm.

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