Summer at last

It may be pouring with rain, but for me summer starts here. The exhibition I’ve been project managing opened on Friday night and Saturday was taken up with special opening events. And today, finally, for the first time in four weeks, I have a day off. It’s been a hard-going few weeks but at last the exhibition is open and I have a little bit more time and space to catch up with myself. 

There really hasn’t been a lot else going on, and if there has I’ve forgotten it in the last fortnight of very very long days and stress. However,  I bought a lot of yarn at the Ravelry Day way back in early June, mostly from my friend Babylonglegs
The varigated yarn is well on it’s way to being a Luce. The three skeins of wonderful sock yarn are as yet un-assigned. Could be several pairs of socks or could be a shawl. Or something else entirely. An hour or so hunting around Ravelry for something fun to make is on my list.

I’ve had a couple of trips to the car boot sale for 80s stuff for my exhibition, but in between the tat, I have managed to pick up a few pretty things.

pastry cutter?
I think it’s a pastry cutter?

blue and white bowl

vintage soft toy booklet
I like the idea of a gingham giraffe. I like the idea of making soft toys generally. Will do one of these days.

And now I should get moving and see if there is anything resembling sunshine outside.

4 thoughts on “Summer at last

  1. oh! i want to make sandwiches with it now! more likely for a knitting party than a bridge party. Although my mum is partial to bridge, so next time she tried to teach me I'll just make themed sandwiches instead.

  2. There's one of those exact pastry cutters in my mum's "exciting things" drawer in her kitchen! (I think I might actually have received it as a birthday present, years ago.) I love using it for little biscuits, and it also makes great tops for mince pies – nice shapes, and not so much of the pastry-overload that can be the case with full-size tops…

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