Giant knitting

Work has finally calmed down enough for me to resume knit-club duties – weekly knitting and gossip being essential to keeping body and soul together. This week the whole lot of us got happily hijacked into giant knitting in aid of Kate. The amazing Kate is a theatre designer who, having just finished working on my exhibition is now busy making all manner of giant things for the Special Olympics Games Village. Which opens on Saturday….
It seems Kate can only make giant things. I spent last night making king-size bunting and this evening, along with the other knitters, making giant knitted scarves! I have yet to see the giant cupcakes but am sure they are good! Having employed Kate and shared the nightmare of installing the exhibition, I’m taking a few hours out this week to volunteer for her and help get the Olympics Village up and looking fabulous. And I’m enjoying NOT being in charge of this one!!

Here’s Kate making the giant denim jacket around the door to the exhibition last weekend. It really is impressive! The exhibition looks amazing and I am so pleased we took the plunge and employed her rather than stick to a standard exhibition design. 

I’ll fish out some photos of the exhibition soon, it really does look good – now I can step back from it a little, I can really appreciate it properly!

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