Slowing down

When things get stressful at work (as the last month or so has been), my way of slowing down, recharging and letting go is to get out into the countryside. I need to take a lesson from these swans. SLOW. Sunday, swan day, was my first full day off in 4 weeks. I really did go slow. Round the reservoir, taking it gently. It reminded me of last January when I was recuperating from nasty flu and had been in bed 3 weeks. I walked slowly round the reservoir. This time I was just shattered. 

Above is a little escape I managed, somewhere near Belper in Derbyshire on my rounds of collecting objects-going to Ikea- back home late one Friday night.
Dragonfly by the reservoir.
A re-booting stomp up a hill last weekend. I managed to clear my head, work through all the stuff that was troubling me and find some relaxation at the top. 
This Sunday will involve sleeping, knitting and walking. Perfect.

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