New Liberty Fabrics

My favourites from the new range:

I can’t find large images apart from the last which comes via the lovely Amitie.

In fantasy sewing world, this one is a calf-length full circle skirt 
with turquoise, pink and brown chiffon false hems.

A wrap blouse with full bishop sleeves maybe?

Smock dress with pink details around the neckline.

Knee-length full skirt, perhaps with some kind of bobble hem 
detail for the hell of it. And a pocket full of marbles. 

An apron, without a doubt. Lots of pockets. 
And cushions. And handbag lining. I really want this fabric now. 

Empire-line dress with full skirt.

A skirt again, I think. Maybe in stripes with plain fabrics, so just a hint of 
seaside rather than full-on seaside all over yourself. But why not. Maybe a dress after all. 

So that concludes my fantasy sewing for this evening. 

Let me know what you think

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