One of my favourite things is browsing car boot sales. Sometimes I come away with nothing, usually I come away with something good and sometimes I come away with a gem. This was one of those gem moments.

I saw it on the floor, in a tangle of junk. I lunged. I grabbed. I tried to look nonchalant while I asked how much this “thing” was. Fingers crossed, hoping desperately that they didn’t know how much a wool winder costs on ebay… They didn’t know. I know. I have tried to buy one for under £10 many times and have failed. But they didn’t know. And they thought 20 pence was a reasonable price for some old bit of junk from grandma’s house. Whoooop! I scuttled away feeling very pleased.

Winding some Colinette Zanzibar here, not for a planned project, merely posing for the photo.

This is what is actually on the needles.
Luce by Norah Gaughan
Yarn by
Unfinished by me

This one, Serpentine mitts

doesn’t look so fancy but is a good knit so far, but I’ve not started the tricky bits yet so I may change my mind.

And I’ve got a new knitting bag on the go made from super scratchy dark brown tweedy organic wool. Really trad. I love it. I’m going to line it with pink silk. Why haven’t I had a proper knitting bag before? It’s a mystery.

2 thoughts on “wool!

  1. h, I am SO not jealous of that wool winder bargain ;)Your Luce is looking stunning…..can't wait to see it all finished in it's magnificent loopy glory :DS xXx

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