Hot off the press!

Exciting publishing stuff this month!

Two new editions of my book, Sew it Up. It has been retitled The Sewing Bible for the US market and has a lovely new cover. It’s published by Potter Craft and due out in November. It’s SO exciting to have the book coming out in the US at last. All the haberdashery translated to notions, all the centimetres to inches, all the shops to stores.

Sewing bible USA.JPG

I’m so pleased with the photo they used on this US cover, I always liked this one, though I hope readers don’t think the pincushion is in the book because it isn’t! It’s a vintage one I bought in a flea market a few years ago. Sorry and all that. I keep meaning to make one like it, but you know, time just disappears before all the pincushions have time to get made.

I think I saw someone wearing a cuff like this one on the cover. I got all reserved and English and didn’t go and question the complete stranger having lunch with her friends. I really wish I had now!

And the book’s also been translated into Finnish, would you believe it! Also available in November.

Sew it Up in Finnish

And last but not least, Sew it Up has been spotted in Oxfam! Not second-hand, I am pleased to say, but new and shiny as part of a big craft promotion they are doing. Sarah spotted this for me in Wallingford. That there book at the front of the table (Making Stuff) also has a project by me. Very exciting!

Life (or at least work) is almost getting back to normal, so this eternal blog drought is coming to an end. I have the Festival of Quilts to tell you about, my holiday to show you the photos of, and even a little smidgen of sewing to show you. And plenty of fabric. No, I didn’t leave the Festival of Quilts empty-handed, instead I got Russian dolls and Liberty shoe-print and giant ric-rac. Pretty damn good.

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