Whitchurch Silk Mill

On my way to Dorset on holiday a few weeks ago, my friend Sarah and I stopped in at Whitchurch Silk Mill. I’ve been wanting to go there for years, but Hampshire’s an awfully long way to go just to see a museum. I’m so glad we did, this little place is a real gem. It’s a working silk weaving mill, powered by waterwheel, producing fabrics for top interior designers and a lot of costume dramas. I love a good costume drama so enjoyed all their framed film stills with fabric samples a lot, including my beloved Cranford. Reminds me I have the DVDs to watch. Whoa, that just made me realise I’ve missed a whole evening of frocks on the TV tonight. Dammit. And Coast, my latest knit-a-long favourite.

window at Whitchurch Silk Mill

Anyway, back to the silk. I was totally charmed by this
window covered in striped silk scraps.

whitchurch silk mill.JPG

And the silk ready for winding onto bobbins.

whitchurch silk mill.JPG


The rolls of striped silk.

The display of traditional smocks.

traditional smock.JPG


The hand looms to play with.

sarah weaving.JPG

smocked vegetables!.JPG

And even the smocked vegetables. Yes, cabbages, marrows, onions and mushrooms made using smocked fabric. Truly remarkable!

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