Old stuff

I’ve got a bit obsessed with the local car boot sale this summer, particularly the last 3 or 4 weeks since I’ve had a bit of time to go. Stuff is coming home with me every week and yet I have the urge to go again, get more stuff. My friend Sarah asked me today what it was I was looking for at the car boot sale. Nothing particular, just nice stuff. Here’s some of the recent good stuff.

old doll - 1

Sweet old handmade doll, who clearly hasn’t been a good girl and has not washed her hands, face or feet for many years. But she’s got fab knitted hair!

shoe trees - 2

Shiny shoe trees.

patterns - 3

Glamorous gals.


Unopened packet of hankies bought as much for the colour combinations as the usefulness of the hankies.

engraved tin - 1

Simple Indian food tin. I have a good few of these bought in India and bought locally. This one has an engraved insciption in (?) hindi.

Last week I got up early and was there at the peak of shopping frenzy. I’m not sure I did any better going that early than going a bit later, but I did have more trouble parking. If I hurry up and go to bed now, I could get there at a decent time tomorrow. Yup. Decision made. I’m off to get my junk-shoppers-sleep. Night all.

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