Holiday review (sans photos)

Ok, so a post (virtually) without pictures is not the most exciting way to tell you about my holiday, but seeing as I’ve just given you a week of photos of my last holiday a month ago, I see no reason to rush it.

So instead I’ll just tell you the highlights in words.


Autumn holiday on the canal =

  • Excellent foraging. Blackberries, plums, damsons and apples.
  • Slow, technology-free days, watching the world go by and having no clue about the world any further away from the towpath.
  • Knitting. Sitting on the front of the boat, the top of the boat, inside the boat, on the bank. Pretty much knitted all week non-stop except when boat-skivvy duties called me away.
  • Easy garter stitch knitting while reading the wonderful Mason-Dixon Knitting. How had I missed this before? Luckily my local branch libary threw it at me as I wondered in for holiday reading. Read it cover to cover in greedy gulps.
  • Kingfisher-spotting under the M6 motorway bridge.
  • Canal-side farm shops.
  • Charming and apparently deserted canal-side villages.
  • Sheep-spotting galore (plus lots of cows, a good few chickens, a handful of goats and the requisite gazillion ducks, moorhens and occasional goose and heron).
  • Damp, dark, spooky canal tunnels.
  • Great joy of a tiny independent boatyard which sold chandlery, loo roll and Green and Blacks.
  • Laid-back nattering, eating, beer-consuming with my really rather splendid family.

I want another holiday.

Back soon with pictures of the fruit of my needles and yarn, my SUPREMELY wonderful junk shopping experience and probably some actual fruit because I am obsessed.

2 thoughts on “Holiday review (sans photos)

  1. Were you on a narrowboat? Sounds exciting! I've never been on one only always walking on a towpath, admiring the roof gardens, painted sides, cosy kitchens, skilful lock negotiation…

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