Reversing and starting again

I’m emerging from the thick fog of full-time and not-terribly-fulfilling work and slowly working my way back into a world of textiles and textiles and more textiles. I promise!

One step on the way towards this was a trip to London yesterday with two local crafty friends to visit the hallowed ground of Loop, Cloth House & Liberty. One of them had hardly ever been to London and had one of those all-too-familiar theories of London being noise, dirt and general unpleasantness. Don’t even get me started. I lived there for seven years and LOVED it. I didn’t love the rent prices which is why I am no longer there, but London, I still love you. Having said that, Loop didn’t exist when I lived there and Liberty had a bigger and better haberdashery department – it seems to have shrunk more every time I visit. I thought crafts were on the up?

Photo taken in Liberty in May, before the department was re-arranged and made smaller.

I can’t complain too much about Liberty as they do stock my book, and for that, I adore them anew. Plus they have fabric with dominoes. And now, so do I. At least I have 0.5m.

Anyway, my point here was merely to tell you about a new knitting book I spied in Loop, not to ramble on at length and anything and everything else – although I am procrastinating book proofing which might explain it.

Reversible Knitting: 50 Brand-new, Groundbreaking Stitch Patterns

On my Christmas list now!

Ok, getting back to my own book now.

5 thoughts on “Reversing and starting again

  1. I was in Liberty's a couple of weeks ago and spotted your book :)Am going to look up those other two names you mention as I so desperately wanted to buy fabric but found nothing I really wanted.Toni-Ann

  2. I have always loved Liberty, but why is it at a time of recession and a growing make do and mend culture the fabrics/craft department is shrinking and the accessories and shoes is growing? I agree it doesn't make any sense.

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