A whole lot of knitting

I was really pleased a few weeks back to finally meet Amy of Keep and Share, the fabulous, sustainable knitwear company. We met at a seminar and have since cooked up a plan to work together, if things go our way. So keep your fingers crossed and watch this space. In the mean time, go and enjoy looking at her amazing knitwear. She was also at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Ally Pally the last few days so I went for a gossip and bought some of her great offcuts yarn, made from her own waste yarn with a little bit of sparkle added in.

keep and share offcuts yarn - 1

Nice, huh? Like damson jam with glitter in it. Not that damson jam needs or wants glitter in it.

keep and share offcuts yarn - 2

I also came home with some Noro Silk Garden Sock (for a man-sock-gift)

silk garden sock.JPG

but then saw this instead so the silk garden will have to be mine. Shame eh?

colinetteJitterbug - 1

(Colinette Jitterbug)

Can’t have too many Noro socks I reckon.

noro jaywalkers - 1
(My freshly-finished Jaywalkers. So happy. So warm. I have included the image with the massive mistake so you don’t mistake me for a person who is actually all that good at following knitting patterns.)

There can never be too much Noro.

noro iro.JPG
(Noro Iro for a scarf-gift version 2.0)

Although sometimes a good plain, sheepy-scented English Blue-Faced Leicester wool is just what is required for warm mittens for that matter.

BFL mitts - 3

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