More on scissors

As I hoped, Scrapiana came up trumps with scissor-related question from the other day. I thought I would copy it here for all to enjoy! Thanks!

“I don’t think there’s an official collective noun for scissors (a startling oversight) though “a snip of scissors” can’t really be bettered. Well done. I’d offer “an indecision of scissors” to cover those of us who experience cutting-anxiety over precious items from our stash. Hopefully none of us will experience the inferior grouping of “a bluntness of scissors”, or “a shred of scissors”. An obvious scissor subset might be “a zigzag of pinking shears”.

A couple of dictionary factlets, c/o the Shorter OED. The word seems to come from the late Latin word for a cutting instrument: cisorium, which sounds to me like a great name for a scissor shop. In C19th slang, “Scissors!” was an interjection expressing disgust or impatience. You may also wish to revive a late C19th adverb: scissorwise, meaning in the form or manner of a pair of scissors.”

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