The chair has a new dress!

Or at least the chair has a new cover, let us not get too surreal.

chair full.JPG

And I made a new set of pictures on Flickr of the felt pebble fixation which has lead to this chair being decorated thus.

chair fabric.JPG

It got loads of compliments at the Eco Design Show in Liverpool over the weekend. A pound for every enthusiastic comment would have made me a rich woman! I do love to make people happy simply at the sight of some fabric sewn to some other fabric. Hopefully it will one day make someone SO happy that they have to buy it. Or at least commission their own. In the meantime it will make my studio happier and brighter and bring joy to all the work experience students who will be coming to work for me over the next few months*. And you guys too, I hope. The chair of happiness.

* they will need it, poor loves mostly get to do ironing and cutting out circles. Sometimes pebbles, but mostly circles.

12 thoughts on “The chair has a new dress!

  1. Oh my gosh! This is awesome! I have a chair sitting right next to me that I've been waiting to recover and THIS could be the ticket! Thanks for the amazing idea.

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