November Blues

November is hardly my favourite month of the year and this November has been a funny one indeed, resulting in a creative black (or blue) hole while I work out what to do next. I don’t usually do blues, literal or metaphorical, so I’ve been surprised by the way I’ve been drawn into blue the last few days.

blue velvet polonaise .JPG

I spent the weekend working for NSEAD teaching art / textiles teachers. I do love teaching teachers, they are so enthusiastic. I was showing them lots of hand-sewn fabric manipulation so while they were quietly stitching away, I got some stitching done too. Kind of interactive sample-making.

polonaise blue velvet2.JPG

I do love working with velvet. This is a silk/ viscose mix – a remnant I bought from Cloth House years ago. Not my usual vintage/recycled/organic fabric, but so utterly lovely that I had to do something with it. This is a small sample piece probably destined to be a bag. I have ideas for a small range of very luxurious bags floating around in my mind, so this is the first stage.

lapis pincushion - 1

I’m also doing a bit of just playing around, fiddling with materials and seeing where it takes me. I’ve done a few applications for projects recently that are more conceptual than my work has every previously been. So even though I haven’t got the commissions, I’m playing with the ideas now and again. So this one is another November blue, a sort of collaboration, almost. A piece of lapis, cut, polished and given me by a friend, incorporated into a pincushion. It’s not finished, this is just a first draft. There is a lot more I want to do with this, but I’m not sure what yet.

lapis pincushion - 4

I’ve got another piece on the go which is a longer-term project – burying fabric underground over the winter and digging it up in the Spring, following on from a project proposal a friend and I did for work based around archaeology. I’ve got the piece cut up ready, just haven’t yet mooted the idea to my landlord about burying stuff under his winter cabbages!

So I guess I’m stitching my way out of the November blues and starting the new year early full of new ideas and exciting things for 2010.

5 thoughts on “November Blues

  1. Sounds like you have lots of ideas brewing. Can't wait to see what becomes of them.By the way saw your book in Waterstones the other day and thought oooo I read her blog LOL it feels like a near brush with fame.

  2. Loving the blue bobbles! Perfect use for that velvet. May I ask what the fabric you've used for the main body of the pin-cushion? A felted garment, I'm assuming. You have one very lucky friend there. I've made a vow to give only re-purposed, recycled and homemade this Christmas, but am not sure I'll reach your creative heights. Will keep you posted. Sometimes a bluesy patch happens to force us to slow down, take stock and recuperate. Sounds like you maybe needed that space between great bouts of busy-ness. Nil desperandum.

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