The Sewing Bible

My book came out in the US & Canada last month! Sew It Up has been retitled The Sewing Bible and has a lovely new red cover, which I absolutely love! It’s exactly the same book just with American terms and imperial measurements.

I’m delighted to say that it’s going down really well and has had lovely reviews from all sorts of places like (woohoo!) A Dress A Day. Thanks Erin!

And here – best quote “Then, gorgeous woman that she is, she provides projects (about 20 in all and none of them suck – no, I’m serious, they really don’t suck) to put into practice some of the different techniques.”

And here – “So stick it on the old Christmas list and prepare to spend the holidays curled up in a chair with buttered rum and a wealth of crafty knowledge.”

Second book is about to go off to print and 3rd book is a twinkle in my eye!

3 thoughts on “The Sewing Bible

  1. Ruth I got your book for Christmas today and it's wonderful, it reconfirms everything I knew and had forgotten, and reminds me of some of the wonderful things my grandma taught me. And a whole new set of stuff besides, thank you so much.

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