Despite the fact that I’ve written two sewing books in the last two years, in years gone by I always imagined myself writing a cookery book. Instead I cook myself interesting, mostly invented meals, read cookery books & food writing (although not as much as I would like to) and write a very occasional food blog. Good food has been at the forefront of my mind recently as I am more regularly eating with (and cooking for) chef-friend, which means I am paying a lot more attention. Hence I went a bit beserk in a wonderful deli today in York. Which I have burbled about on the food blog. I ought to read more food blogs, any recommendations? Not recipe sites but stuff about food. You know?

2 thoughts on “Food

  1. You could always try Chocolate Chilli Cupcakes Katrina is a food/wine writer (and sister of a good friend) and bought my favourite ever oven from me: a stainless steel Britannia which I had to sell when moving house a decade ago; she still sends me Christmas cards and gives me cooker progress reports! [It's still doing very well. Bless.] I've had two markedly inferior ovens since, my current one being an embarrassment to even the average student house. But enough of that. Sample Katrina's blog and let me know what you think.

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