New Year sewing resolutions

I have decided to set myself a sewing challenge this year. Work is (at present) looking less manic than last year – hurrah! – so I want to make the most of it and get some sewing done for myself.
So this is the plan: At the start of each month I decide on a project and then endeavour to make it by the end of that month. Some clothes, some bags, some curtains, some other stuff too no doubt. All from my frighteningly extensive fabric stash too. No new fabric, as far as possible.
Anyone else want to play?

So a random list of the challenges I am setting myself:

  • New dress same as one I made a couple of years ago. I have some fabulous pinky-brown (?Liberty) print lawn with shoes on it. Can’t find a photo.
  • Design and cut pattern for a new dress or maybe some other garment from scratch and make the thing too of course
  • Finish the tailored tweed trousers I started yesterday, while it is still winter (boring but half-way there)


  • Make my bedroom curtains (fabric has been waiting for 2 years or so, it was bought and used as the sample curtain in my book, and needs reconstructing to fit my windows)
  • New Spring jacket from the luscious pea green velvet I have waiting. Bought about a year ago.
  • And maybe another one from the equally luscious red cord I have had in mind, which I have had for years and years. Used to make cushions from it.
  • Summer dress in time for summer with this pretty pretty Liberty print. Normally my summer dress is ready in about September.
liberty flowers.....jpg

  • New tweed handbag from the trouser left overs (so I suppose this ought to be in winter too)
  • Make a dress from this skirt I bought last summer
lilac wool skirt.....jpg

  • Summer handbag, as yet unplanned
  • And thinking of the autumn, I will try and get a winter party dress made in time for Christmas too.
  • Summer trousers??? Maybe too boring.
  • A few customising projects
  • New tops from nice fabrics. I always feel like I don’t have enough nice tops to go with all my fancy skirts. I’ll try and do a few from bought patterns and one or two from self-designed patterns.
  • Learn to make some basic underwear*
  • More knitting needle rolls – my new dpn roll is almost done! And a knitting bag.
  • Re-make this flipping jacket so I can actually wear it.
  • New bedlinen. I realised recently I am still using the stuff I got when I went off to university. 16 years ago. Time to change…
black jacket.JPG
  • Oh and a quilt. A full-size one for my bed. Easy peasy.

I could go on, but I think it might be wise to stop at this point, having already got well over 12-months worth of projects. The knitting might suffer if I do this much sewing!

And I will say it again, I wish someone would design a Ravelry for sewing projects. I like lists!!

*for this I need to get over my jersey sewing phobia and get to grips with my overlocker (not taken it out of the box (I was given it)). So that might well be my main challenge!

So what are your sewing plans for 2010?

4 thoughts on “New Year sewing resolutions

  1. Oh your list sounds like mine….. I intend to make my bedroom curtains in January, (they have been waiting for a long time which is terrible with the job I do) lol Deffinately a summer dress, embellished bag, I have just made a silk lampshade finished yesterday,hmmm and loads more. Happy New Year!

  2. Excellent idea, though given that I cut a blouse last August and haven't even managed to tack it together yet, I might just aim to finish that for my goal this year! Adn cut pattern / make skirt, which I've been aiming to do for the past 2 years…

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