Further updates on the dress(es)

as promised a somewhat better picture of the purple zebra dress. I perhaps should have ironed it a little. Oh well.

Details of the binding. This worked really well on the medium-weight linen-y fabric.

And finally a mention of my little black dress that I made almost a year ago for a February party. Full info here.

I have the sleeve-y bits cut out but have never got round to adding them. Though I do like the option of being able to wear a jacket or cardigan over it. I think I might have to make them detachable or something.

I know. Terrible photo. Sorry.

A couple of random event shots of the dress in action!

The overexposed shot shows the construction a bit better – though admittedly not that well. Basically I grafted the bodice and skirt sections together and eliminating the waist seam. Me and waist seams are not friends. I think what I then did was join the skirt and bodice darts to make one long dart down the front of the dress. So basically I made the dress and made the actually figure fitting dart to suit me, by pinning it inside out while I was wearing it. I’ve got a small back and large bust (as you can see, ahem, it’s not exactly a modest frock!) and not much of a waist. So in effect I made the cut more Empire line and fitted under the bust than the original design is made for. I think I might have increased the side bust dart as well, and probably cut the upper bodice a size bigger for the front and maybe even a size smaller on the back. It looks like I cut it bigger in the skirt than it is really designed to be. A bit more a-line. I hadn’t even realised I had done that until I started analysing these photos!

Really it would have been sensible to blog this with the adapted pattern in front of me. And indeed it would have been useful to make notes on how I changed the pattern as well. But you can’t have it all!

Detail of the back opening. I used an invisible zip and left the top 6 inches or so open with a vintage glass button at the top. Much sexier than a zip up to the back of the neck!

I also lined it throughout, although the pattern just calls for bodice lining. I used silk for the bodice and poly satin for the skirt because that is what I had and it makes sense for the bodice to be in silk. It does feel fabulous.

I had trouble getting the shoulder panels to fit and indeed sit correctly. I used some kind of fabric as interfacing rather than iron-on. I think it was canvas; something solid anyway. One side worked perfectly and the other side is a bit wrinkly. Which you can see very clearly in the over-exposed photo. No idea what went wrong there.

Anyway, it’s a fabulous dress and a nice pattern. The shoulder bits make it interesting to make and with a bit of know-how, it was easy to adapt. I do fancy making another version in velvet or cord or wool maybe. With sleeves. And maybe a easier-fitting cotton version. But it isn’t on my sewing resolution list so it may never happen!

3 thoughts on “Further updates on the dress(es)

  1. I love your dresses – the first one feels quite Japanesey to me.I saw Erica B's version of the vogue dress too, it reminds me of those Bodycon Victoria Beckham designs – probably any really fitted dress would remind me of that really. It is lovely and I really like your mods – esp the gap/button.

  2. Thanks for linking me to the Echino dress pic – it's gorgeous! You used a perfect dress pattern as the fabric really does all the work. I don't have enough to make a dress – maybe a skirt, or bag? Feeling inspired now – cheers! Jen x

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