Fun stuff at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Way way back in late November I ran a workshop for teachers, in the depths of Yorkshire Sculpture Park. This is the kind of work I don’t really mind doing. It rained almost all the time but I enjoyed it nonetheless. And I got to stay with my best mate for the long weekend as well, so really it was spot on.

teachers workshop at YSP - 01

The teachers got to play with fabric manipulation techniques all weekend. Pleating, gathering, stuffing, quilting and Suffolk Puffs. All my favourite stuff.

teachers workshop at YSP - 10

teachers workshop at YSP - 06

teachers workshop at YSP - 09

And in the lunchbreaks I got to enjoy two fabulous exhibitions:

Rob Ryan

Peter Randall-Page

Also got a nosey around the National Arts Education Archive too which had some fun stuff including some old costume accessories

Beaded hat

Beaded trim

And loads of kids artwork including an amazing appliqued wall hanging

And some work from books from the 20s, 30s and 40s. Amazing stuff.

And totally unrelated some nice painted patterned steps

and some peely birch bark

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