Do it Yourself and Save

This weekend the Guardian / Observer are putting out a free 2-part guide on fixing stuff yourself instead of paying someone else to do it.
They very kindly asked me to do the bit about repairing your clothes, so I HEARTILY recommend crawling out of bed on Sunday to get a copy of the Observer with my bit in it. You could get the Saturday Guardian too, I suppose….

There’s an amusing little extra involving me in the guide too – I’ll let you in on that once it’s out next week.

And many, many thanks to Perri Lewis for commissioning me to do this!

3 thoughts on “Do it Yourself and Save

  1. I enjoyed reading Mark Watson's article, but I have the feeling he won't be re-dubbing himself 'the Stand-up Embroiderer' any time soon. Don't you find it baffling when people claim to have never so much as stitched on a button? Do they just throw their de-buttoned clothing away…? I really hope that all over the nation today people are making their first tentative attempts to thread a needle, tongues poking out of the corner of their mouth in concentrated effort. A* for effort, Ruth!

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