Draughty stuff

My one, now resting at home.

It seems I am almost powerless to resist the urge to sew dragon scales into everything. Or to sew Suffolk Puffs onto everything. Last weekend I ran a workshop making draught excluders so had to come up with some samples. Inevitably, both of those two favourite techniques came into play, and along with some ruffles, we had a lot of fun.

As always with the Geffrye, it was well organised, well-resourced and great fun. The seem to attract some lovely people.

Look at that happy smile. And that giant draught excluder!

Draught excluders made during the workshop.

There was a bit of a mad rush to get them all stuffed by the end of the day!

Lovely rosettes, velvet and suffolk puffs.

Stripy dragon scales (made from a bag of mine) inset into an old pair of trousers. Recycling in action.

I didn’t actually finish my Suffolk Puffs decorated sample, but I have it in hand, and will get it done forthwith. Eventually. When the need becomes too great.

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