Birthdays and good excuses

Things are a little quiet on the blog front. I have been entirely taken over by being ill, having my birthday, trying to buy a house and rushing around the country. No news yet on the house but I’m hoping for a yes or no by the end of the week. Clearly I am hoping more for a yes than a no….
Birthday however was a great success and I had several days of good friends and gluttony. Ideal. I took a small group of local friends down to London for the day on Saturday and did lots of my favourite things, and met up with lots of London people too. Almost predictably there was Loop & Ottolenghi. The two are inseparable for me now. And I’m pretty sure Nigel Slater was in there too buying cakes. I met him once – show off moment over 🙂

Knitting at Ottolenghi

Birthday almond croissant

Loop was delightful as always, although I bought nothing. That’s right. No yarn. No Needles. Not a thing. I am on a yarn diet. I have TOO MUCH STASH. I was hoping to buy a swift for winding wool but they can’t get them at the moment. Damn. So I resisted fine yarns twice in the space of 3 days – on Thursday I popped into Fibre & Clay on my way back from Manchester. And I did buy needles.

Manchester Victoria. Still wonderfully tatty.

I also stopped in at Borough Museum and Art Gallery, Newcastle Under Lyme where there will soon be a decent display of my work in their foyer gallery space, along with brooches and bits too. I’ve also been to Manchester and another visit to London. Phew. But have had to cancel a visit to this wonderful person due to being a bit poorly this week. Happily rescheduled though.

I don’t imagine The Creameries will look like this
once the building work is finished. Shame.

Oh yeah, I was talking about my birthday… so after yarn and cake we went to the V&A where I used to work (almost 5 years since I left!) and visited the newly refurbished Medieval and Renaissance Galleries, which have been in progress for at least 6 years and one of the reasons I left was because I didn’t get to work on them – booooo. I put aside my professional opinions and just enjoyed looking at the pretty things. Wonderful wonderful stuff and nice, light airy galleries. I will leave moaning about the labels for another time. Met up with lots of friends and ate cake in the stunning cafe. Then onwards for pub dinner and more gossip before the last train home. Sunday was a lot more lazy – lunch and lounging and knitting in my local nice restaurant/bar, a mere 5 minute stagger from the house. And then an evening on the sofa with my knitting and Dr Who. Perfect birthday really.

One thought on “Birthdays and good excuses

  1. Sounds like you had a perfect birthday. The croissant looked so delectable, I crave one now – ah well thank goodness there isn't one in the house or my diet would go hang.I never thought of Entropy as a knitting location, but now you have suggested it, it does appeal.

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