Quilts quilts quilts

2010 is without a doubt the year of the quilt.

The V&A has just opened it’s hotly anticipated quilt exhibition – and curses I am not there to see it yet… Maybe next week. Quilts and related things are chugging through my creative brain pretty constantly at the moment and I have a quilt in progress – an exhibition one which is going to take a LONG TIME and a lot of hand sewing. And that is not including the actual quilting process. Crazy fool I am. I’m also working on a conceptual piece which may or may not result in something kind of quilty. We’ll see… assuming I ever get time to get back to it again.

draught excluder.JPG

Quilts have been uppermost in my mind for community projects as well, and I am delighted with the one we made last year with Craftspace. More ideas like this are ticking over, although the current project I start next week will be cushions. Sort of patchwork cushions with other quilting techniques thrown in for good measure.

Anyway, in the meantime, there are two new books of mini quilts coming out this year which I have contributed to:

Pretty Little Mini Quilts by Lark Press
. I have two pieces in here, one teeny tiny doll quilt made of silk and one larger lap quilt in organic cotton with leaf applique. I’ve just got my copy of this and it is lovely! My urge to quilt just gets stronger all the time.

Later in the year the really fabulous Whip Up Mini Quilts published by Chronicle, will be out. I have seen proofs of this book and it really is stunning! Can’t wait to have it in my hands.

*photos are unrelated to any of the projects mentioned here but that might change, now I come to think about it*

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